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Angel Yordanov asked 6 months ago

Hello, I have one camera YCC365 instaled and I am using iPhone 8 . Recently I received the firmware update message. When I click “update” the instalation took very long time and finaly seems than nothing happend. The update stick on “Wait for a second! We are prepararing…..” This stays for hours without any other message or movement. 
When I swich the phone via menu “Settings” button, I instantly get message: “We have update for your device”….. this happens again and again.
Is there a way this bug to be fixed somehow?
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Angel Yourdanov – Bulgaria

KelAbop replied 3 weeks ago

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person answered 5 months ago

My camera is running on and this morning it had lights ON and unable to reset it. For me the way around this problem was to remove the SD card and force a hard reset. I\\\’m now using the online cloud and does seam ok… I will try later with a different SD card.


how did you force a hard reset

David answered 6 months ago

There has been a firmware update and the camera has been locked with the light on, with no wifi connection. I have unplugged it from the power and then I have removed the micro SD card and I have installed the previous firmware, but there is no way to reset the camera, the reset button does nothing and the camera continues with the lights on. Is there any other way to reset the camera if it does not work by turning off the power or using the reset button?
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Claudio Castro answered 4 weeks ago

I need de last firmware version for Outdoor PTZ Camera. And the APP version that I have don´t have  the word HOT in the  righ up corner, could you send me this APP version.

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