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ploquin asked 12 months ago

Hello, how to change the password and the username of the camera

GEORGE replied 10 months ago

The security on thsi camera is very weak, i would advise not using it as people will be able to spy on you

GEORGE replied 10 months ago

The rtsp steam is directly accesible
rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554

who uses a username of admin and password on 123456 and not allow changes to it?

Jose Azevedo Costa replied 9 months ago

como recuperar a senha


Otto Knapp replied 3 months ago

Wie kann man sich bei der App anmelden wenn ich noch kein Benutzer Kennwort habe und wo kann man ein Konto einrichten Danke

4 Answers
admin Staff answered 12 months ago

Camera binds login account, no username and password

GEORGE replied 10 months ago

This is not true

The camera allows direct access to the rtsp stream using VLC
eg: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554

The default user and password of admin and 123456 is very weak and there is nothing to stop ycc365 from accessing my camera remotely and spying

This camera is sold with no mention that it is only accesible via on online account and cannot be locked down locally

Val replied 6 months ago

Hi, did you ever actually access it using these credentials, or is ‘admin’ and 123456 just ‘dummy’ login details? I’m trying to connect using VLC but can’t…

John replied 6 months ago

This is horrid, we need to know how to change the username and password of this camera. We also need to know how to access it via a browser in order to change security information. If this cannot be done this is poor, and they should not sell these cameras or offer refunds to people. Hopefully there is a way to do this.

mic replied 3 months ago

I expect a firmware upgrade which let you assign username and passwort, also add static IP address.

Jose Azevedo Costa answered 9 months ago

Como recuperar a senha?

Jon answered 7 months ago

In my case, with VLC without password !!! only …admin:@… this is very very weak !!!!!

Roylan replied 6 months ago

lograste recuperarla o estas en las mismas que antes si poder accesar a la cuenta

Richard answered 5 months ago

I’d lie to use IP Camera viewer for monitoring some camera’s including the last one I’ve bought : P17B(EN)C EYEPLUS
This las one is detected by IP Camera viewer but username ad password are requested. I’ve tried u:admin and p:12345 ==> it’s written on the manual, but this is not working. It seems that either the username or the password are wrong.
Could you please provide the right user and pwd to be able to include this IP cam to my monitoring sw ?
Thank you

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