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tom asked 8 months ago

What settings do I need to implement to stream the outdoor webcam video image ( to my QNAP Nas. Setings to be determined:Channel Camera brand Camera model IP address (This I have) Port RTSP Port WAN IP Adress (I guess this is irrelevant) PORT RTSP WAN port user name password

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tom answered 8 months ago

Even better would be to have the file with the settings so that I can import the settings into my qnap

Paul answered 7 months ago

MI have managed to get it to work but it crashes constantly when rtsp to the qnap. Select Generic as the brand then Generic RTSP as the model. Use 554 as the port. 

Paul answered 7 months ago

Basically, unless they can stop the crashing the camera is completely useless. This looks more and more like a load of rubbish/scam. 

K replied 7 days ago

It is. It’s spy camera used by Chinese to machine learning/spying. You can’t even change username/passwd and you have backdoor account on your camera as well.

Sir answered 4 months ago

try this for generic rtsp: admin:@your.IP.from.Cam:554/&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?

jerry answered 3 months ago

how do I watch the recordings on my memory card through the camera to my computer

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